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Doing good work, doing good

2017 has been a confusing and chaotic year in much of the world and Barcelona is no exception. Political instability has made life complicated for many businesses. But despite it all, BCNcontent has grown steadily thanks to the professionalism and hard work of the team. We’ve added value for clients both big and small and done work we can be proud of. We’ve welcomed new team members, started networking initiatives and extended our collective skill set.

There’s a lot to look forward to – starting with a break over Christmas and the New Year!

Unfortunately, not everyone has such happy prospects for the holiday season and the coming year. If you go to the values page of the BCNcontent website and scroll past my ugly face you’ll see that we make regular donations to two charities. But for Christmas this year, we’ve sent extra money on behalf of every freelancer who’s worked as part of our team this year. We think it’s better than giving cards and marketing gifts (though they’re great for customers, as my friend Jennifer Riggins writes about in this excellent article she kindly asked me to contribute to: 13 Ways Your Agency Can Thank Your Customer This Holiday Season).

One charity is local, Arrels Fundació. Arrels helps homeless people in Barcelona by providing accommodation, food, social support and health care. There are 3,000 people without homes in the city and, even here, winter nights are very cold. No-one should have to sleep outside, and Arrels works first to offer shelter then to rebuild homeless people’s bonds with the community.

The other is global, MSF (Médecins Sans Frontiers / Médicos Sin Fronteras / Doctors Without Borders). MSF responds in a non-political way to medical humanitarian emergencies around the world. They provide medical treatment where the need is greatest: in war zones, during natural disasters, in epidemics and in refugee crises. They also run long-term healthcare research and humanitarian aid projects.

Go on, click on the links and help make someone’s New Year a little happier!

Photos (C) Fundació Arrels & Médicos Sin Fronteras

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Steve Tallantyre

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