Feeling Content?

This is it. The big moment. The curtain rises, the spotlight shines and my copywriting agency, BCNcontent, finally steps onto the public stage.

Until now, we’ve been known only to our existing clients in and around Barcelona. We’ve grown through word-of-mouth, not publicity. If you had a copywriting problem, if no-one else could help, and if you could find us, maybe you could hire… us (cue ‘The A-Team’ theme music). For a marketing-based agency not to market may seem strange, but there was a solid reason for keeping a low profile.

Before we got bigger, we needed to build the right team.

There are lots of talented freelancers out there but everyone offers a different set of skills. I had to find blog writers who were chameleons when it came to style but consistently meticulous about details. I had to seek out copywriters who could craft attention-grabbing titles and snappy slogans. And I had to team up with translators who could dig deep into the message of texts and recreate the same voice in another language.

That was the easy part.

The hard part? Finding people who could do all that, and meet my demanding standards too. There are some things I won’t compromise on. I promise our clients: “On Message. On Target. On Time.” That means that before I submit finished content, copy or translations to a client, I’m confident it meets or exceeds his or her expectations. Afterwards, I’ll ask for feedback to make sure. To join the BCNcontent team means sharing the same commitment to quality.

It took a while, but it’s happened. One by one, freelancers who fit the description have found me, or I’ve found them. We’ve deepened our talent pool and broadened our bandwidth. We’ve worked together to create great things – and now it’s time to tell the world. The website is finished, the team is in place and we’re ready to launch fully.

So, am I feeling content? I am. I love it when a plan comes together (sorry, no more A-Team references, I promise). I’m content, but not complacent. I know that companies and agencies, large and small, don’t give us their trust – they lend us their trust. To keep it, we have to do more than just satisfy our clients; we have to delight them. For BCNcontent, contentment isn’t enough.


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Steve Tallantyre

Founder and senior copywriter, BCNcontent


  1. Great new website, Steve. Love the design and the content – powerful and compelling. Suerte in the new venture!

  2. Sue Sharpe

    Great looking site, Steve!

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